Willy Wonka’s Sweet Adventure Level 119 Topped Out!


Ready?... Let's beat Level 119

Willy Wonka’s Sweet Adventure Level 119 that’s our mission this time, here you can see how we managed to beat the entire level without the need to use any boosters. Sit back and enjoy our frustration-free Willy Wonka’s Sweet Adventure Level 119 walkthrough:

Topped Out!

I think playing Willy Wonka’s Sweet Adventure Level 119 is kinda both; entertaining and fun, you can definitely spend a bunch of hours playing it. It has great graphics nice animations and sounds well achieved, very soft and friendly, almost the ideal for children and adults but in terms of difficulty, well it get’s pretty tough on higher levels, so it can be somewhat questionable if this will be a frustration-free Willy Wonka’s Sweet Adventure walkthrough and adventure.

Pick a level:

Fun, isn't it?

With this game you will be able to master your ninja skills to solve riddles. It is based on making the ideal exchanges and combinations of various sweets, among candies, chocolates and cookies from the Wonka factory, in this way obtaining scores and powers that will make you progress your work in the factory, you’ll basically be able to unlock many iconic locations of the popular chocolate factory and remodel its spaces, adding new elements everywhere.

You can tell by our Willy Wonka’s Sweet Adventure Level 119 walkthrough it is a game a bit slow, changing screens and passing levels is a pretty slow process, even sometimes clogs. Level 42, 87 and some others have quite some problems, it is a big obstacle to progress. Some other levels can be quite complicated, almost absurd, and there are not enough boosters or reinforces that you can get, which takes away a bit of charm for having to repeat the level over and over again.

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