Solved: Pet Rescue Saga Puzzle Level 121 (3 Stars + No Boosters)


Alright... Let's beat Level 121

Initially it seems like a simple game in which you must rescue a bunch of adorable tiny pets from a tower of color blocks, from puppies, birds to little cute farm animals, you must lower them to solid ground and free them of their kidnappers, but… how can you do all that? It’s simple, just use your acute and well-trained ability to crack puzzles and make combinations by moving the blocks, matching colors, it will make them disappear, this will give you sweet points for your scores and those lovely little pets will now be safe thanks to you. Enjoy our Pet Rescue Saga Puzzle Level 121 walkthrough:

They are all, too cute!

Pet Rescue Saga Puzzle Level 121 tests your skills as a color matching game, in which the progression through each level will substantially increase the grade of difficulty. To achieve the highest number of points and the combined ideas of blocks of one color with a limited amount of movements, it is a whole challenge but If you have some additional tools such as rockets, hammers, clamps and others, to eliminate the largest possible set of cubes as you can see on Pet Rescue Saga Puzzle Level 121 walkthrough, you can use these tools in the same way a limit of times.

In addition, other objects such as balloons and explosives will appear, which, when exploded, will discard some blocks. All this will also make it easier for you to rescue pets when you are stuck in a movement.

Pick a level:

Pet Rescue Saga Puzzle Level 121: Solved!

Pet Rescue Saga Puzzle Level 121 is pretty friendly and colorful graphics, with practical buttons, very easy to use. The introductory or explanatory screens are a bit extensive and quite slow but you will be able to skip them quickly and without much hassle. You will become addicted to the charm, simplicity and feeling of playing Pet Rescue Saga Puzzle walkthrough, fortunately it has more than 2000 levels of pure fun. Enjoy!

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