Happy Glass Level 259 Solution (Beat it with 3 Stars)


Alright, time to beat level 259

A game made to challenge your intelligence and creativity, that is Happy Glass a very entertaining game, your goal on Happy Glass Level 259 is to make these sad and empty crystal glasses happier than ever, doing it you’ll accumulate stars to unlock more levels. Getting them happy seems easy because you only have to fill them with water to make them smile, but multiple obstacles and challenges will get in your way to get the water transferred from the pipeline to its final destination.

Make 'em happy!

As a skill game, Happy Glass Level 259 will test your logic and diverse skills, from calculating spaces to execute sharp movements and drawing skills, since the main tool that Happy Glass will let you use will be simply a pencil to draw the lines of bridges, roads and forms that will provide all the help needed to direct the water to the sad glass.

Its graphics are straight up simple, on the spot to be a very basic game. Happy Glass Level 259 can be very addictive, entertaining and even relaxing, ideal as a hobby for leisure time.

Pick a level:

Happy Glass Level 259 Solved!

Some levels can be somewhat repetitive, in addition to that they seem not to take an order according to difficulty, they go from quite easy levels to others much more complex and then it’ll be easy again. It is also unfavorable to the game that  the advertising popping up after each level is way too much, there are way too many ads interrupting the attention and interest during the gameplay of Happy Glass level 259.

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