Line Puzzle: String Art Solutions - Here's how to beat every level & puzzle!


Despite the simplicity of the main objective in Line Puzzle: String Art it is pretty much the perfect game to speed up and develop your attention and memory, not only good for kids but users of all ages. It is a lot of fun, while being didactic and a good exercise for your brain.

Line Puzzle: String Art walkthrough level by level:

Oak Pack:

Spruce Pack:

Acacia Pack:

Pine Pack:

Maple Pack:

Juniper Pack:

Bamboo Pack:

Ginkgo Pack:

Alder Tree Pack:

It's Simple!

You will find a small wooden board with some points on it and a string, your mission will be to mimic the quite complex patterns the game will require you to on  each level. To reproduce these shapes you will have to drag and connect each line of colored strings to any of the points to form some kind of net.

Line Puzzle: String Art is a puzzle of lines, rules are simple: you can not draw the line twice by the same point, or move the points, but as an advantage you will have all the time you need to figure out the best way to arrange the strings, without being pressured or penalized. Once you solve it, gotta admit it feels great to complete each drawing correctly.

Download the app and then you can continue playing anywhere you go without the need of internet connection. Line Puzzle: String Art counts with more than 300 unmatched figures to imitate, each very unique and creative, also has great graphics and subtle sounds that will complement the experience.

However Line Puzzle: String Art has an excessive amount of ads, and some of them consume too much time in each level. The size of the App is not too big but as always we recommend to download it when connected to wi-fi. Also keep an eye on our battery, while playing this game it consumed quite a bit more battery than other apps we’ve played before.

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