Angry Birds Dream Blast - EASY but FUN! - Here's how to beat every level


Bubble shooter + Angry Birds = that means Angry Birds Dream Blast is here. Let’s join our well known friends, the funny little Angry Birds and their not so friendly partners the pigs. In this just released mobile game called Angry Birds Dream Blast, the funny birds will try to sleep in peace but the evil little pigs will try to steal their eggs, so let’s help them finally have a good sleep.

Angry Birds Dream Blast walkthrough level by level:

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The agitated birds prepare to sleep, but their restless minds can’t stop thinking about their adventures and disturbing day by day with the little pigs. On Angry Birds Dream Blast each bubble represents one of their dreams, enter them and gather points making them explode, unlock and drop the spheres into the empty spaces and eliminate piglets, complete all these objectives and more to finally bring the peace for the little birds so they can have a good sleep.

Lots of sleep bubbles will fall and randomly accommodate in a unique pattern for each level, which will make each of this levels completely different from the previous one, select more than two spheres of the same color, click and combine or pop them to achieve the objectives, gather coins and points, in this way complete each level of  Angry Birds Dream Blast that’s your purpose in the game, but always remember there’s a limited amount of movements, so play each movement wisely.

Its very colorful and pretty adorable graphics will always keep your eyes pleased. Angry Birds Dream Blast controls are responsive and very intuitive, it makes the experience even better. Like the other Angry Birds games, you’ll end up hooked in their crazy and entertaining adventures. You’ll have endless hours of fun with these crazy little animals, test and improve your skills while having a blast!.

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