Disaster Will Strike Level 140 Done - How to Beat Level 140


Alright, time to beat level 140

Playing Disaster Will Strike Level 140 is pretty entertaining and fun but quite frustrating at some points. Basically you must solve a bunch of little puzzles in order to exterminate an overpopulation of malignant eggs that inhabit Jurassic territories. But… how to end these evil characters? Well, you must use the tools that are presented in each level with sharpness and logic.

Natural disasters!

In the first levels it seems to be a pretty straight and simple game, but believe me it gets pretty challenging later on, both the tools and the challenges increase their difficulty considerably, but in the same way to move forward in these levels you’ll learn new tricks to overcome every new obstacle.

Disaster Will Strike Level 140 will present you each new tool with a quick tutorial on how to execute it. The tools will go from various calamities, such as storms, swirls, bees, mudslides, floods, to complex structures that you must review in order to activate correctly and destroy in the most practical way all the malignant eggs present in the graph.

Disaster Will Strike Level 140 Solved!

It is a game of medium-hard difficulty, good graphics, not violent at all, suitable for children and adults. The main drawback on Disaster Will Strike Level 140 is the excessive amount of ads, they appears way too much usually every time you beat a level.

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