Bricks n Balls Level 328 Done! (High Score + No Boosters)


It is time to beat level 328

Our golden rule to beat Bricks n Balls Level 328 is to shoot the balls high as possible through the empty channels, however you won’t always get the best result this way, you may find yourself shooting in the same position and obtaining different results in the direction of the rebounds. It is an entertaining and fun game and even relaxing, but at a certain point its difficulty becomes absurd, you will spend hours trying to advance a level.

Sharpen your aim!

You can make a subscription and be a premium player to eliminate those annoying ads and also get more power ups, which really do not seem so advantageous, besides being pretty pricey at about $8 per week and you will still be getting pop up emerging windows every time offering different reinforcements even on Bricks n Balls Level 328.

Bricks n Balls Level 328 has two modes, a classic level and a challenge mode, achieve the highest score and outperform your friends. The amount of advertising can quickly consume the battery of your mobile device, but sometimes these ads may be of advantage, because seeing some of them you will get rubies that you can then change.

Pick a level:

Bricks n Balls Level 328 Solved!

Achieve the goals and challenge your brain in the funniest way with Bricks n Balls Level 328. It’ll make you sharpen your aim, throw and make them bounce around the spaces between the bricks all those orange crazy balls to finally break every block before they reach the bottom of your screen, achieve the highest scores, accumulate rubies, increase the number of spheres and advance levels.

You will have a few boosters throughout the game, for example, by changing the your rubies you can get more balls and even different sizes, which will be an advantage to achieve an endless chain of rebound and obviously eliminate those bricks quickly. In Bricks n Balls Level 328 you will also get bonuses with each movement, and have the option to play again those levels with a low score or few stars obtained and hopefully increase it, among some other options.

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